Data driven. What does that even mean?

Many organizations talk about becoming ”data driven” but few have defined what it means. We believe it means to increasingly involve objective facts in your operational, tactical and strategic decision making.

Objective in this sense means that it is data directly from your business, not data massaged in spreadsheets to provide a politically convenient truth. Operational use of data happens in your everyday business execution, providing products and services to your customers. Tactical use of data is when you use data to better understand how your business execution works and how it can be improved. Strategic use of data is when you use data to inform your view of what business you should be in, which product and customer segments you should prioritize.

Making this happen is in equal parts about data/analytics and about how you work as an organization and outlining the how of it requires too much elaboration for this medium. But know this, the complexity and requirements on your data, your analytics capabilities and you as an organization increases rapidly when you want to progress from being operationally to tactically to strategically driven on data.

As luck would have it, we can help you define what being data driven means for you and how new techniques and technologies can help improve your business with data.

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  • Strategies for developing your business with data
  • Building and evolving data and analytics teams
  • Developing and implementing advanced analytics solutions
  • Modernizing analytics technology and architecture
  • Implementing data management and data governance


Cloud based platform for IOT data analytics

Industry: Healthcare Technology
Company Name: Confidential
Project: Create a modern, cloud based platform for data analytics with a comprehensive suite of capabilities

For our client, a highly successful manufacturer of technically sophisticated connected medical devices, we have created data analytics infrastructure and applications to support their vision of a data driven organization. From developing and evaluating business requirements, planning and designing the necessary architecture, to development, implementation, support and governance, we are supporting them with the complete data lifecycle. The modern, cloud based data analytics platform, that collects and stores data from thousands of connected devices, addresses their ambitious growth plans and enables business application development, standard reporting, self-service analysis, prototyping and advanced analytics capabilities for data scientists, analysts and external academic collaborators.

Analytics Strategy and Transformation

Industry: Financial Services
Company name: Confidential
Project: Analytics Strategy and Transformation

We work with our customer to build the data and analytics team and capabilities they need to support their ambitions to capture marketshare through improved customer insight. We work as part of the customer’s team, coaching leaders and individual contributors as well as helping with recruitment for key roles. Our deliveries also include customer segmentation modeling and marketing automation driven by analytics, as well as data self-service based on the latest data analysis and visualization tools.


We offer a broad range of services designed to help you wherever you are on your data journey, from building BI and analytics teams to modernizing architecture by replacing legacy environments with more versatile cloud-based platforms, developing new advanced analytics solutions or improving the performance of old algorithms that haven’t kept pace with your developing business.

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We’re pretty choosy about the people we bring into our team, because our customers need to know that
everyone they work with from Adage will stay true to our values and principles.

We value competence, diligence, flexibility and a zero-tolerance approach to buzz-words and hype.

If you’re not afraid to work hard to raise the level of our customers’ ability to work with
data and manage it as a value-generating asset, you’ll fit right in.

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